Picnics… not just for the countryside!

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

When we designed our waterproof picnic blanket we had several key factors in mind…

  1. It had to be compact enough to easily pack and carry anywhere.
  2. Waterproofing was essential – but not using PVC!
  3. It had to be modern, and bang on trend.
  4. It MUST increase family fun!

We think we created an awesome product – and our customers seem to agree (which is really nice and we do appreciate it!).

But… we confess… we tend to think of picnics as something that is done in the countryside, usually on grass.

One of our lovely customers, Kate, has sent us a photo of herself having a wonderful time using our picnic blanket outside Milan Cathedral. She told us “It was so easy to put in my bag each day so that wherever we were in Italy, countryside or city, we always had a clean surface to sit on. And on the few days that it did rain, we kept dry and had a fantastic time.”

So, we’re expanding our thinking on picnics… they aren’t just for the countryside. Why not have a picnic on your next City tour?

There’s a few days left of our Summer half price offer on picnic blankets. If you’ve got one, we’d love to see your vacation photos too!

Half Price Summer Offer on Waterproof Picnic Blankets


Socks again for 2015?


Just in case you didn’t know (maybe you are immune to all the advertising graphics appearing in the shop windows)… Father’s Day is coming up.  It’s the 21st of June this year, and is a great opportunity to show how much you appreciate the old fellow!

There’s always the familiar fall back position when it comes to present buying – socks!  But let’s be honest, who really getsexcited about receiving socks?

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So, go on, make Pop smile this year with some great coffee!

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New Year – Get the coffee on! SPECIAL OFFER


It’s nearly 2015 – and you should start the new year with a good Gourmet Coffee taste experience.

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Thanksgiving is nearly here!


You know you’ll have a great time… and you’ll probably eat too much and drink too much!

At the end of your meal, here’s a chance to relax with a gourmet coffee at a special price!

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Guess what the top 5 items are for a great picnic?


OK, it’s not summer any longer…. but picnics aren’t just for blue sky days.

A good picnic is all about friends and family having a good time rather than the weather!

And if you have the right items for your picnic you’ll make your life so much easier.  Number 1 in the “Top 5 Unique Picnic Must Haves” is our Compact Waterproof Picnic Blanket.

Check out the full list on this great blog “Women and Their Preties”:

Five Unique Picnic Must Haves