Our Vienna Blend Coffee Beans are gaining more fans!


Our acclaimed coffee has now been tested and reviewed by some real experts who all share our opinion…  it’s delicious.

Ethically sourced and with a great smooth taste that has no bitterness it’s not surprising that everybody seems to love it!

Of course the opinions that really matter are those of regular USA coffee drinkers… like Sandy, who very kindly wrote a lovely article about Vienna Blend coffee beans on her blog.

Check it out here…



Get outdoors and enjoy the Fall with a Compact Waterproof Picnic Blanket


Picnics aren’t just for Summer!  At this time of year the leaves are a fantastic golden color so get outdoors with your family and enjoy them before the onset of Winter.

The ground can be a little damp, so a picnic blanket is essential equipment for a fun day out – and if it’s waterproof then even better as your clothes will be protected from any moisture.

Here’s a real life test of our waterproof picnic blanket…


So make a commitment to get out and enjoy the golden Fall colors whilst they last!

Waterproof Picnic Blanket - foldable


Coffee tips – How to get the best homebrew.


outline of a steaming coffee cup

We’ve added a ‘Coffee tips’ page to our website. The idea is we can offer advice and information that will help you to brew a better coffee at home. Of course, what is better is always subjective – that’s the great thing about coffee!


For extra info, get involved in a community of coffee drinkers. There’s a great community of coffee lovers on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/CoffeeLoversUnion

Half Price Offer for International Coffee Day



29th September – One of the most important dates in the coffee world calendar: International Coffee Day!

We couldn’t let it pass without a special offer on our newly launched Vienna Blend whole bean coffee. So far the reviews have been fantastic with customers switching from their regular big name brands to our new Gourmet Coffee blend.

We wanted to do something special so we’ve put together a HALF PRICE deal through amazon.com

There’s 100 2LB bags of Vienna Blend Coffee Beans available at this special 50% off price – and all you have to do to claim one is follow the instructions at this link:

Click here to claim your half price coffee coupon

We think you’ll love it!

New Whole Bean Coffee on the block – Vienna Blend Medium/Dark Roast.


We’re a little later than planned… but it’s because we wanted it to be perfect.  We have been testing and tasting for months, and months, and months (and a few more months!) – and now we’re happy!

More importantly, the coffee industry experts that we asked to taste our new Vienna Blend Whole Bean Coffee are very happy with it.

So, the first batch is roasted and ready to be despatched.

If you like a high quality gourmet coffee with a lovely rounded taste and no bitterness, we think you’ll like this.

View our launch video here

Buy Vienna Blend Coffee Beans direct from amazon here.

We think you’ll like it 🙂
Vienna Blend Whole Bean Coffee